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Within a book’s embrace, lives transform,
Wisdom’s gift, a catalyst to perform.
A world unfolds, pages ignite the soul,
A gift of love, a life’s purpose made whole.
- Unknown

Individual Gifts

It can be a joy to give someone you care about a gift. If you're planning on surprising someone you care about, it might be helpful to consider gifting a book by Kevin Foo if you feel it's an appropriate genre.  It can help greatly to prepare, including what you'll say, or implicitly say when giving that gift.

Gift Cards

Reward them with something they'll love. A gift card is a digital voucher for your friends, colleagues, or yourself.

Social Impact

Gifting books to organisations, communities and schools raises social capital by showing thoughtfulness, fostering connections, and sparking conversations. It expands knowledge, introduces impactful ideas, and enhances one’s reputation as a well-read individual. Overall, it contributes to building meaningful relationships and a positive social standing.

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Delight a Child

Our flexible ordering options can turn a book into a gift for someone.

We will be happy to arrange to have your gift prepared and sent to your choice destination.

  1. Select the Book of your choice & select desired quantity.
  2. If applicable, indicate your recipient's name & address to which you wish us to deliver to in the Cart Checkout process.
  3. After payment and sales confirmation, do Contact Us with with your desired message to your recipient.

We will reach out to you to confirm that the gift is prepared satisfactorily before it's shipped out.

Gift Card - Books By Kevin Foo

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Gift Cards

A gift card for yourself or a friend. Gift cards are valid for 1 year and are good for redemption of products online before expiration.

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Impact Giving

Raising Social Capital

To date, donors have gifted books by Kevin Foo to over 63 schools and organisations.

If you have considered the potential of gifting books to raise social capital, you can take this opportunity to contribute to meaningful relationships and a positive social standing in communities.

So, why not explore the power of gifting books to contribute to meaningful relationships and a positive social standing?