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Welcome to the world of Kevin Foo, a writer and entrepreneur hailing from the vibrant city of Singapore. Before embracing the path of storytelling, I traversed the corridors of esteemed corporations across the Asia Pacific region and the United Kingdom. Throughout my journey, I witnessed the beauty of true graciousness juxtaposed with the distractions and misguided pursuits of self-promotion and self-improvement that often plague our society.

Driven by an unwavering concern for the well-being of our world today, I embarked on a remarkable endeavor in 2012 with a series of books to raise the awareness level for Graciousness. Now in 2023, I created Books By Kevin Foo. This venture serves as both a social experiment and a sanctuary within our rapidly evolving digital landscape. Here, I delve into critical themes such as graciousness and love, transcending the boundaries of mere social constructs. My aim is to inspire every individual to genuinely care for others, even when it requires sacrificing personal comfort and convenience. By doing so, we can collectively enhance the lives of those around us.

In the eyes of my dear friends, I am known for my insatiable thirst for knowledge and my relentless pursuit of perfection. Reading occupies a special place in my heart, as it grants me a deeper understanding of the world and its current affairs. Moreover, my passion for the arts and the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian history fuels my creative spirit.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for visiting my humble abode in the digital realm. May your time here be filled with joy, enlightenment, and the pure delight of reading.

Wishing you an inspiring journey,


Gracious Living 11 Years On

Gracious Living (2012)

Gracious Living was my inaugural copy that enkindled the inspiration for my writing, to encourage people to be more aware of what it means to be gracious. I have made a newest edition which has 31 more chapters, and comes with new illustrations in colour.

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Gracious Driving (2013)

As a driving enthusiast, I wrote this to take a self-examination of how we behave on the road, believing if we were to practise gracious and responsible driving habits, the roads would be safer for everyone.

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Gracious Students (2015)

After a successful launch of its first edition in 2014, a new edition was launched to encourage students, primary school students ages 7 - 12 to reflect on their attitudes towards graciousness.

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Gracious Students: Don't Bully (2019)

My latest book, and this is the first to be published, in this format, on the subject of bullying in schools, and with it, I hope to raise awareness among students of what they might be doing wrong, to encourage them to change and to become more considerate toward one another.

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